Handy Tone 486
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Configuring HandyTone-486 WAN IP through Voice Prompt
Step 01:
HandyTone-486 stores a voice prompt menu (Interactive Voice Response or IVR) for quick browsing and simple configuration. To enter the voice prompt menu, pick up the phone and dial “***”.
Step 02:
Press 01 (To Select The Mode)
Choose “DHCP Mode”, or “Static IP Mode” by enter ‘9’ to toggle the selection. If you select “Dynamic IP Mode”, the device will retrieve all IP address information from DHCP server automatically when you reboots the device. Recommended Mode is “Dynamic IP Mode”.
Step 03:
Press 99 (To Reset The Device)
Enter “9” to reboot the device
Note: For Dynamic IP Mode there must be DHCP server running in your network.

Step 04:
For “Static IP Mode” please follow the following instructions:
If you selects “Static IP Mode” in step 2, you need to configure all IP address information through step 05 to 08.
Step 05:
Press 02 (IP Address)
The current WAN IP address is announced, Enter 12-digit for new IP address if in Static IP Mode.
Step 06:
Press 03 (Subnet Mask)
The current Subnet Mask is announced, Enter 12-digit for new Subnet address if in Static IP Mode.
Step 07:
Press 04 (Gateway Address)
The current Gateway address is announced, Enter 12-digit for new Gateway address if in Static IP Mode.
Step 08:
Press 05 (DNS Server)
Enter 12-digit for DNS Server address, Brain TEL DNS Server address is
Note: Now restart your device as explained in step 03.

Example For “Dynamic IP Mode”

  • Pick the phone which is attach with the device
  • Press *** + 01 (if device is in static mode, press 9 to change its mode)
  • Press 99 + 9 to restart the device

Step 09:
Press *****to check ip and enter this IP in Internet Explorer’s URL Bar.
Note: If IP is then you will enter so please be careful.

Step 10:
Now login window will be there, enter password “admin”
And do your settings in Super Options Tab as follows:

SIP Settings:


click on SaveSet

Audio Settings:


Now click on SaveSet then Reboot.

STEP 11:

Make calls!

you are now ready to make and receive calls, your phone number is +92-42-210xxxx, it can be dialed from anywhere in the world, from ptcl Lahore line, you will have to dial only 210xxxx.