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Brain Computer Services was established 23 years back in 1982. From then onwards Brain has contrived to grow into a trustworthy organization setting the pace in high computer / internet Telecommunication services achieving a reliable name.


Local Dialing: You can subscribe to our BrainTEL services with only local dialing enabled if your business requires you to have a telephone connection that can be used for dialing local calls only. BrainTEL provides

Nation-wide Dialing: BrainTEL also provides nation-wide dialing feature. You can use BrainTEL to make outstation calls at a very nominal cost.

International Dialing: International dialing is also possible through BrainTEL. We offer competent call rates for calls outside Pakistan.

  • Caller I.D with Name
  • Call Forwarding
  • Voice Mail
  • Call Waitinf
  • Call Transfer

BrainTEL is suitable for both small and large organizations. BrainTEL enriched with extra features is all what you need to make your business grow faster. Our low call rates will ensure monthly saving in your budget.

You can configure BrainTEL on soft phone in your PC or you can have it configured on other VoIP devices whichever is more convenient for you.

You must be subscribed to Brain MAN service in order to use BrainTEL.