Metropolitan Area Network

Brain is one of the leading Internet Service Provider working under ISP, DNoP licenses. We offer high speed data / internet connectivity over Optical Fiber. We are providing MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) services in Lahore for corporate customers.Brain's Corporate MAN services has set up new standards in the field of internetworking and telecommunication.Brain Telecommunication Limited can provide optical fiber connectivity from any nearest termination point from your premises. Currently, we are providing our services in following business centers, organizations and adjacent areas;




Type of Product / Services

Shared Packages These packages are designed specifically to meet the requirements of customers requiring basic internet browsing at high speed. If your office work mainly contains sending emails or browsing simple web sites, these packages will be most suitable and cost effective.

Dedicated [CIR] Packages If your office requirements require you to have a heavy internet link with dedicated bandwidth, Brain MAN CIR packages will be the best solution for you. Our MAN service is independent of unreliable PTCL exchanges and we provide connectivity through our own core fiber optic network. Our services are most reliable, cost effective and most suited for call centers, large enterprise organizations, software houses etc.

Volume Based You can subscribe to our volume based services if your internet requirements are dynamic and change with the passage of time. This way you will be more in control of your internet usage and will pay only for what has been used. You can connect to the internet through a dialer which authenticates your internet connectivity against a username and password provided by Brain.

Interconnect If sub-branches of your organization are located within our Brain MAN core network, and you require reliable inter-connectivity between your offices, Brain can provide you the most optimal and cost effective solution. Unlike other interconnectivity solutions that require internet connection to provide interconnectivity between your offices which is a wastage of resources. We can provide interconnect at a very low cost with much more benefits.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits incorporated in Brain MAN service. This service is simply the best possible solution to your business requirements. Some of the benefits of this service are as follows:End-to-end optical fiber connectivity.Fast Ethernet 10/100Mbit/sec connectivity.Manageable switches.No local PTCL exchanges involvement.Flexible packages that exactly suit your needs.Single line for Data / Voice / Video.

Who does MAN appeal to?

Whether your office requirements are simple emails/light browsing or you require a dedicated CIR high bandwidth internet connection, Brain MAN is the most suitable and the most cost effective solution for your office. MAN Services are best for any business. Our shared packages start from as low as Rs. 1200 per month which is very much cost effective even when compared to normal dialup packages. Furthermore, you don’t have to pay extra line rent and call charges along with the internet package as is the case of dialup. You also do not need to engage an extra telephone line for the internet. After installation, a monthly internet bandwidth charge is the only cost you have to pay to get 180 times faster internet connection than dialup!

Why “Brain” for MAN Services

We have deployed our own optical fiber cable at these business centers and can provide gigabit connectivity to end users. Few of many benefits of MAN Services are as follows:

Advantages of Brain (Value Adds)