Wireless Broadband

Wireless communications is a huge field, encompassing everything from radio and television broadcasting through pagers, mobile phones, and satellite communications. One of the expanding parts of the wireless world is in wireless local area networks (WLANs). Driven by widespread acceptance of the IEEE 802.11 standard, wireless local networking for computers and other devices is spreading rapidly.Type of Product / Services:

Wideband Internet

Wireless link can be installed on your site to provide wideband internet access ranging anywhere between 64Kbps – 11Mbps [CIR].


Brain can deploy wireless link to provide interconnectivity between your offices. A wireless link deployed at your site connects you to our core fiber optic network through which you can also interconnect to branch offices located within reach of our core network.

Why Wireless Link?

Every business today needs an Internet connection. For a very small business, a dial-up modem link may be appropriate, but as the network becomes a mission-critical tool for communicating with suppliers and customers, many businesses soon outgrow the bandwidth of a dial-up link, and need something faster. An E-1(2Mbps) link has long been the logical upgrade, but E-1 links are expensive, especially for a business located outside the metropolitan areas. The wireless system now provides an alternative which is efficient as well as cost effective. The wireless link implemented by the Brain Ltd is 100% reliable and cost efficient. No competitor within Pakistan is yet able to provide this type of solution. 

Main features of our wireless equipment are given below:

General Features:

What are the benefits?

Wireless broadband technology wields several advantages over wired solutions. It is less expensive to deploy. It can be implemented much more quickly and, arguably, more efficiently. It can be configured for multiple applications. It is the source of cheap, high-quality and high-bandwidth services. For many, it is frequently becoming the source of choice. By deploying a Brain’s wireless link at your site, it connects your office to our core fiber optic network which enables us to join your branch offices if they are located within reach of our network. You can use our network for interconnectivity of your branch offices as well as only for carrying internet bandwidth.

Who does Wireless appeal to?

Wireless link solution is most appropriate for large enterprise organizations located at remote sites where deploying wired network is both costly and time consuming. Organizations that require a medium that can carry wideband traffic can have a wireless link installed at their site that is able to carry the required bandwidth from Brain to their office. Wireless link is most suited at locations where other reliable wired networks are not available.{slider=Why “Brain” for Wireless Services}The wireless link deployed by Brain incorporates many advantages. Our wireless link is best suited for your highly regarded organization. Some of the features associated with the deployment of our wireless link are as follows:

Advantages of Brain (Value Adds)

POP3 email account.5 Megs of homepage space.Free web mail access.Free software downloads.Spam filtering.High performing anti-virus scanning.Static IP address.All Digital Equipment on the Brain Network.End to End fiber connectivity.24/7 Hour technical support through phone, email and IM.Free onsite troubleshooting for Windows and Linux environment.

Minimum System Requirements

In order to use Brain Wireless Service, your system must meet the following requirements in order to have optimal service:Hardware Requirements:

Software Requirements:

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