VPN Services
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VPN supply network connectivity over a possibly long physical distance. In this respect, VPNs are a form of Wide Area Network (WAN). The key feature of a VPN, however, is its ability to use public networks like the Internet rather than rely on private leased lines. VPN technologies implement restricted-access networks that use the same network medium (Dial Up, ISDN, Leased Lines) as does a public network, and they do so without sacrificing features or basic security.


Type of Product / Services:Remote access client connectionsLAN-to-LAN internetworkingControlled access within an intranet

VPN promise two main advantages over competing approachesIt also allows the Corporations to carry their core business without having to manage constantly changing technology. It significantly brings down cost of ownership of network assets with the same benefits of a private security with better uptimes and redundancies.VPNs utilize public networks to carry private communications safely and inexpensively. It allows them to deploy large Wide Area Networks across multiple locations by riding on a Service Provider's backbone. This saves them the hassle of having to physically build such networks and maintain them. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have attracted the attention of many organizations looking to both expand their networking capabilities and reduce their costs. VPNs can not only be found in the workplace but also in the home, where they allow employees to safely log into company networks. Telecommuters and those who travel often might find VPNs to be a more convenient way to stay "plugged in" to the corporate Intranet.Requirement, Recommendation & Working:vpnrequirement

Brain provides reliable robust internet services that can be used for establishing reliable remote VPN connections. Our services are most reliable whether you require remote access client connections, LAN-to-LAN internetworking or controlled access within an intranet. Our team of highly skilled professionals would provide you the expert opinion in implementing VPN solution to the best of your requirements.