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We are providing wireless internet broadband services since 2002. We, Brain Telecommunication Limited are basically ISP (Internet Service Provider) and have tested & deployed many wireless equipments & links. Finally we have selected Wi-LAN products and heavily deployed nationwide in all type of environments and weather conditions. As a solution provider, we use to design different network solutions according to customer’s requirement and project budge range.


Few months ago, we won a deal in which we have to connect an Enterprise offices over wireless and extend same LAN throughout enterprise. We have proposed most cost effective solution with maximum quality assurance. Following are the point for which we have chosen Wi-LAN product;


  • We need single root with centralized control from where we can manage internet bandwidth of 512kbps and can access all other radios deployed with in customer’s Intranet.
  • All sites are scattered with in the radius of 25 – 35Km but most of the sites have high-rise buildings among each other.
  • Two of the sites are in defense housing society where high towers are not allowed.
  • Can’t use Omni antenna as network mean point / area is already congested with 2.4GHz frequencies and require strong signals to float over 6 to 8Km distances
  • ROOT can not be the tail of network otherwise we need to add one more radio to interconnect whole network




First if you were asked to deploy a network with all such specifications, you may think that you need to invest millions of bucks with hi-fi radio modems and hundreds of feet of tower at each location. But we have connected all sites with minimum tower lengths and attained maximum network throughput as per requirement. Have a look at network diagram to elaborate it more;

We have completed project with very economical cost and attained highest level of customer satisfaction with reliable services. We use five (5) Wi-LAN VIP 110-24 with six (6) 24dBi 2.4GHz mesh antenna and one (1) 60o degree sector antenna. Whole network is terminated over Ethernet switches and internet bandwidth is also controlled by restricting ROOT radio Ethernet.

So, finally once again Wi-LAN enables us to design such solutions and remain at winning position in market. We have searched other products also but haven’t found Dual Antenna option, Strong Bandwidth control over Ethernet and interference control. There are other products available at different venders but to have such solutions in third world country, a company may sell one of his factory unit and than able to enjoy the broadband services over wireless.