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Wireless Connectivity
Brain provides point to point and point to multipoint wireless systems. our systems are capable of supporting a variety of applications including VoIP (Voice over IP), security and surveillance, enterprise LAN connectivity etc.


Color-CCTV-Indoor-Camera-TGL-A722-                                      cctv-camera

Video Surveillance System
having a video suveillance system at your premises will result in increased revenue and employee productivity. our system will practically pay for itself over time because strategically placed security cameras are extremely effective in preventing crimes like theft, shop lifting, vandalism, etc. when people know they are being monitored, chances of them comitting a crime are reduced significantly. our video suviellance system is available in 4, 8 and 16 cameras option. depending on the location, we will recommend suitable security cameras from our broad camera selection which includes both day and night vision cameras.