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Address : Lahore (Head Office):
730 Nizam Block Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore-54570, Pakistan

Phone : +92-42-111-222-888
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Fax : +92-42-37810003
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Why Website Development?
BrainSoft takes your website to the next level and goes beyond the simple design and building of the website. Development makes your site dynamic and involves many different things. Below are some of the functions that web development accomplishes. As you may see, web development services may overlap with some of our other related services such as web design.
We provide following Website Development Services:
Website Tracking And Analytics
Website tracking allows you as a website owner to track all the visitors who visit your website. We install Google Analytics into every website we build or develop. With this service, you can see statistics regarding visits, unique visitors, new visitors, average time on your site, bounce rates, growth rates, traffic sources, most popular content, viewing trends, visitor information (location, browsers, etc.), and much more. These are all essential components to knowing how to improve your website.
Landing Page Creation
Landing pages are very important components of a good online marketing campaign. When you have targeted and Pay-Per-Click advertisements on other sites, it is important to redirect those who click to a page that captures you site’s main services and any special promotions you have going on in a concise format. Using landing page, results in high conversion ratings and more relevance to targeted advertisements.
Online Branding
Online branding is accomplished through several methods we use. We design custom images such as logos, slogans, mascots, favicons, and more for you website in the beginning to create a branding identity. Then, we incorporate these branding devices into your online promotional activities, whether it is online marketing, search engine optimization services, search engine marketing, social media, email marketing, or anything else.
User Interaction & Social Media Integration
It is important to keep your visitors interacting with your company, even when they are not on your social media profiles. Therefore, we integrate your social media profiles into your website and all of our services. The goal is to get users liking, sharing, and following your company’s pages through as many mediums as possible.
Content Management System Integration
As stated in our web design page, content management systems, such as WordPress and Joomla, are designed to allow easy content management on your website. Editing words, pictures, pages, and more is all made very accessible and easy in WordPress and Joomla content management systems. If your site does not have a CMS, we attempt to integrate one into it if you so choose.


Get Your Business Online Today!


Your business website will serve as a perfect “Online Brochure” by providing customers with information about your business, your company and your products.


Our professional team can assist your business in setting up an online storefront that could generate sales 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.


We have the experience to create accessible, user-friendly eShops that can help you sell anything from a single item, to an inventory of tens of thousands of products.


Online stores offer enormous advantages to your business, including:

  • 24 hour opening
  • Low set-up and maintenance costs
  • Exposure of products to a potentially vast customer base

We offer fully customized e-Commerce systems that are made in close consultation with your business - and will tailor-make it to your specifications. We will advise you on the most cost-effective and secure options for taking payments, and methods of marketing your products and services online.


The Benefits of Having a Business Website

  • Easily provide customers with rates, services, and company information.
  • Broaden your customer base by making yourself available online 24/7.
  • Sell products online with Pay Palâ„¢ or additional shopping cart features.
  • Allow customers to make an informed decision about your products and services.
  • The cost of developing and maintaining a website is only a fraction of the cost of producing and placing advertisements in traditional media, yet has the potential to reach more people.
  • Search Engine Friendly


All of our Business Website Packages are search engine friendly because you can customize:

  • Page Names
  • Page Titles
  • Description Meta Tags
  • Keyword Meta Tags
  • Image ALT Tags


Additional Information

  • You work exclusively with your own designer.
  • Our website packages are functional and easy for visitors to navigate.
  • Our website packages are reasonably priced and there are no hidden fees.
  • Additional pages and features can be added for an additional charge.
  • Visa / MasterCard accepted.

brainsoft is a part of Brain Telecommunication Ltd. (formerly BrainNET) is pioneer in Internet Service industry in Pakistan and considered to be largest Internet service provider with greater geographical coverage and vast range of internet solutions for consumer and corporate sector.

Being a Group of companies; Brain Computers was started back in 1982 with successful business of selling computer hardware solutions. In 1992 Brain has an honor of innovating emailing system first time in Pakistan history and received a lot of appreciation. In 1996 Brain incorporated BrainNET to commence Internet Services and retained an honor of First Internet Service Provider of Pakistan.

Since year 2000, we have been creating Web applications for businesses and organizations of all kinds. Using the latest Web technologies, we build the most dynamic and reliable sites on the World Wide Web. We have hard working, devoted developers with the skills to make your Web site a living, growing representation of your business.

If BrainSoft is known for anything, it is our core competencies in designing custom web applications for all types of businesses. Creating a centralized software application that can securely be accessed over the web; to manage your business can save your business thousands of dollars.

Our Key Services:

We are an 'A to Z' web application development company, always keeping its services up-to-date with the latest trends, techniques and tools;

  • Content Management Systems
  • Custom Web / Desktop Applications
  • Database Development
  • Data Migration
  • Database and Software Security Algorithms & Policies
  • E-Commerce
  • High Volume Data Handling (i.e. hundreds of millions of records)
  • Live Streaming Applications
  • Graphic Designing (Logos, Broacher, Presentations, 3D, Animations, Etc.)
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Multimedia Design and Development
  • Offshore Development
  • Online Marketing (SMS, Emails, Ads, Etc.)
  • Project Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Business Web Applications
  • Web Design and Development
  • Web Hosting Servers

Our Expertise:

Web solutions: PHP, ASP, ASP.Net, XML, JSP, Servlets.

Dot Net: ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#.

Programming Languages : C, C++, Visual C++, Java, Visual Basic

Databases Development, programming and integration: Oracle, mySQL, Access, SQL Server, Web/Application Servers, PL SQL and TSQL, RDBMS in Client / Server / Web environments, Fine tuning of databases and customized database applications for high volume of data handling.

Online Solutions: Client Server Applications for the Internet and corporate intranet networks, Custom e-business and e-commerce software development. (B2B & B2C Solutions)

Ecommerce solutions: Online selling, Merchant integration and SSL

Content Management system (CMS): Joomla, Drupal, osCommerce, Zen Cart etc

Integration With: Legacy Applications, CRM Applications and many more.

Graphics & Multimedia: Adobe Creative Suite, Corel Draw, MS Expression Web etc.

Custom Application Development: Web based, client/server application development and enhancements to legacy applications

Platform: Windows and Linux.


Do you need custom database software to manage your business information? Are you looking for database application development or web database development for your B2B or B2C eCommerce web site? If so, BRAINSOFT can help. Our database consultants and database design team can analyze your business requirements and help you design and implement a database solution that will improve the performance of your business. Some of BrainSoft’s custom database development services include:

Database Design: The Key to Quality Database Applications

The first step in a custom database development project should be the creation of an effective software design. This specification should include a database design, a user interface design, a business rules processing design, test plans, implementation and training plan, and the necessary hardware acquisition/deployment plans to make the project a success. The database designer should build a conceptual database design and use a data modeling tool to insure that the relational database design and indexing structures are correct. Use of additional performance tools such as database normalization, stored procedures and triggers also need to be carefully planned during the database design phase. Other considerations also need to be included in the design, such as SSL (secure socket layer) for web database development and appropriate user and encryption security for all custom database software. We have extensive business process knowledge and can help you improve operational performance and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Don't wait for your competitors to give your customers what they want. Let us review your existing website and internal systems and create a database development plan to improve your business.

Database Development

BRAINSOFT provides database development services for MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, and Access databases. We use the latest development technologies including C#, ASP.NET, and VB.NET to insure that your custom application will function properly. Our experienced database developers can work directly with your in-house staff or, if the situation dictates, develop the entire project from design through training and implementation. BRAINSOFT also provides a range of database services and development of custom business database software and eCommerce database software.

Database Integration

Do you have an existing database driven software product that isn't integrated with your business software applications? Or maybe you have existing data in MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, Access, DB2, or other database that doesn't allow for sharing of information? BrainSoft 's database application development team can help you design, develop, and install custom database software tools that will provide access to all of your business data. We can also convert your existing legacy files to a database format or develop custom database connections to access their data.

Web Database Development Service

Static web pages were OK when the Internet was in its infancy but in today's web 2.0 world, your corporate web site needs more. Database driven and content managed web sites are not only more attractive, they also provide a greatly enhanced user experience by providing select information to a targeted audience.

BrainSoft custom web sites are available with the following features / components:

  • PHP Technology
  • Microsoft .Net Technology
  • ASP.Net Active Server Pages
  • Integrated MSSQL Database
  • Integrated Mysql Database
  • Admin Control Panel
  • Customization of existing system
  • Delivered with Full Source Code

Please Contact us for a free, no obligation telephone consultation to discuss your database application development requirements and database integration needs. We have extensive experience developing interfaces between platforms / languages and a wide variety of database software applications. Our database services staff can help you design a high performance, normalized database, interface the data with existing applications, and develop new custom database software applications to power your business. BrainSoft database consultants and database designers can also help you resolve issues with your existing database applications and, when necessary, we support orphaned database software. Our database development methodology page contains more information about the database application development process.