Customized Web Applications
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BrainSoft developers are skilled in the most popular programming languages and databases. We have developed a large number of applications in various industries (ecommerce, customer relationship managers, sales lead managers, online dating, etc.) supporting all types of business needs (online storefront, inventory management, customer relations, etc.).


BrainSoft has a wide range of capabilities when it comes to customer application development.

Below are just a few things we’ve done with application development:

  • Developed custom application software from scratch for both web applications and desktop application
  • Took existing websites and either fixed outstanding bugs from a previous development team or added new functionality to the existing website
  • Integrated third-party commercial and open-source applications into website, you can learn more about our third-party integration services from our Infinite Acuity subsidiary
  • Our goal is to provide you with a user-friendly application that solves your business need. Click here to learn more about the custom applications we’ve built.

Application Development Platform

BrainSoft uses LAMP (Linux, Apche, MySQL, PHP) and .NET technologies for their application development. We will usually suggest the LAMP platform for cost-savings unless .NET technologies are specifically required for the application. BrainSoft is also up to speed on the most popular databases including MySQL, MSSQL and Oracle.


Application Development Planning

The first step to proper application development is planning out the development. You’d never build a house without a blueprint, so why would you do the same when building an application? The answer is that you wouldn’t, or shouldn’t. You will work with a dedicated BrainSoft project manager to properly plan out and design how the application will function and be developed before any single line of code is written. This will ensure that you know what you are getting and we know what we are building.

Application Development

Once the plan has been laid out the next step is to develop the application. Our project managers will keep you updated as the application is developed and work with our development teams to ensure that every feature of the application defined in the planning phase is carried out through development.

Application Testing

BrainSoft will test the application as it is being developed. Then once the initial build of the application is complete, we will turn it over to our clients for beta testing. This includes training them on how to use administrative sections of the site.

Application Deployment

Upon completion of the beta testing period the site is then moved over to the production location and it is ready for use.