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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the arrangement of how the resources of a business are obtained. It is a system that maintains all the data from various business functions in one common database.


There is a number of ERP Software solutions running in today’s leading organizations. Manufacturing Execution System MES can parse the data into information and passes it throughout the chain. The data is organized in such a way that a plan can be intelligently forecasted. ERP solutions have really minimized the extra delay and unavoidable mistakes in all operations of the organization. ERP services are not only a part of bounded organization but also have a prime concern with web technologies to the reaching suppliers, vendors and even customers.


Due to certain domestic organizational disabilities certain organizations are unable to implement ERP services in their operations this made ERP Consultants to be hired in the organization. Their primary responsibilities are to plan, train, test and implementation of customized products. All it depends on how an organization is committed to raise benefits from its ERP software application.


BrainSoft ERP Solutions is leading Dubai ERP Consultants. BrainSoft ERP Solutions is providing the most competitive edge in the industry. Our ERP Solution enables your organizational overall needs and wants towards operations using online web based ERP Solutions. Our ERP CRM Solutions provide you the best way to utilize resources in an electronic way. BRAINSOFT ERP Solutions is having a prestigious position in DUBAI ERP Consulting. Our Consumer packaged goods solutions provide you strengthen your brand, balancing market and your organization and minimizing market costs.


Our ERP Application Solutions is developed with a view to perform all the tasks as a web based ERP. BrainSoftERP Experience is fabulous sofa in the market and we are hoping it to be enhanced in future.


BrainSoft Information Systems provides its users with web based ERP solutions and offshore software development. Our main function in the ERP is to integrate all the departments and functions of the company as one single component providing a transparent view of the entire company.

  • Client-Server technology
  • EDI
  • Object oriented technology
  • Graphical user interface
  • N-Tire architecture
  • User defined reporting querying technology
  • Web based connectivity with all external stake holders with organization


We take under consideration all the tasks performed by a web based ERP Solution and provides you with these functions:

  • Automate all industrial tasks especially those are essential for an effective business process.
  • Give all the information regarding the customer’s history consisting all previous transactions countered by the customers, for e.g. the last order of the customers and his credit ratings.
  • Provide one single and similar database for everyone to access and the data gets updated whenever any transaction is completed.
  • The status of the transaction can be located and traced by the ERP system at any point by logging in to the ERP system.


The Expertise Team provided by us offers the main software products in market to its service seekers. We offer the following products:

  • Accounting software
  • CRM software
  • Real estate management
  • Telecom Billing System
  • Consulting services


BrainSoft Information Systems will assist you in determining the best software option for you amongst the above disclosed list.