WebSite Development
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Why Website Development?
BrainSoft takes your website to the next level and goes beyond the simple design and building of the website. Development makes your site dynamic and involves many different things. Below are some of the functions that web development accomplishes. As you may see, web development services may overlap with some of our other related services such as web design.
We provide following Website Development Services:
Website Tracking And Analytics
Website tracking allows you as a website owner to track all the visitors who visit your website. We install Google Analytics into every website we build or develop. With this service, you can see statistics regarding visits, unique visitors, new visitors, average time on your site, bounce rates, growth rates, traffic sources, most popular content, viewing trends, visitor information (location, browsers, etc.), and much more. These are all essential components to knowing how to improve your website.
Landing Page Creation
Landing pages are very important components of a good online marketing campaign. When you have targeted and Pay-Per-Click advertisements on other sites, it is important to redirect those who click to a page that captures you site’s main services and any special promotions you have going on in a concise format. Using landing page, results in high conversion ratings and more relevance to targeted advertisements.
Online Branding
Online branding is accomplished through several methods we use. We design custom images such as logos, slogans, mascots, favicons, and more for you website in the beginning to create a branding identity. Then, we incorporate these branding devices into your online promotional activities, whether it is online marketing, search engine optimization services, search engine marketing, social media, email marketing, or anything else.
User Interaction & Social Media Integration
It is important to keep your visitors interacting with your company, even when they are not on your social media profiles. Therefore, we integrate your social media profiles into your website and all of our services. The goal is to get users liking, sharing, and following your company’s pages through as many mediums as possible.
Content Management System Integration
As stated in our web design page, content management systems, such as WordPress and Joomla, are designed to allow easy content management on your website. Editing words, pictures, pages, and more is all made very accessible and easy in WordPress and Joomla content management systems. If your site does not have a CMS, we attempt to integrate one into it if you so choose.